What's the 
ElimO Secret?

It's not just an air freshener

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ElimO® Odour-neutralizing product [EONP]  $33.00 

What's the 
ElimO Secret?

It's not just an air freshener


ElimO® is currently used by Nursing Homes, Long Term Care Facilities, Hospitals, Retirement Homes, and many private individuals. It’s become an indispensable component in their housekeeping arsenal because they know it works! Eliminate odours from urine, incontinence, mildew, soiled laundry, vomit, smoke and organic matter. Manufactured in North America, it is safe to use and comes in concentrated formula that can be diluted to meet any problem.

ElimO® is an environmentally safe odour-neutralizing product scientifically formulated to eliminate even the toughest smells!

ElimO ® is truly an odour eliminator … not a masking agent. It gets rid of the problem smells permanently, rather than hiding them behind a fragrance that just doesn’t do the job.


What's the 
ElimO Secret?

It's not just an air freshener

Air fresheners are designed to cover up an unpleasant smell with a nicer fragrance, but as you've probably discovered, they just don't work very well. And simply cleaning an area doesn't remove odour molecules, which exist in the air and are trapped in fabrics and porous materials. 

Originally formulated to neutralize tough hospital odours, ElimO is an environmentally friendly product that actually counteracts bad smells by bonding with odour molecules and changing their structure. It's highly effective in eliminating dog odours, cat urine smells, mildew, and even works to eliminate skunk odours! 

ElimO is sold as a concentrated liquid that can be sprayed directly on pets, furniture, auto seats, and other places where odours have settled. It can also be mixed with water or cleaning solutions for hospital, household, or industrial uses. 



Every pet owner would love to find an odour control product that really works. Now there is one.

ElimO Veterinarian provides a safe remedy for dog odours, pet urine smells, and even removes skunk smells. Its proven formula doesn't just mask odours–it bonds with them and changes their structure to eliminate offensive smells. 

Veterinarians across the country have told us how good this product is! They report that it leaves exam rooms and even kennel areas smelling fresh and clean.

Here are some of its many uses: 

• Add to pet's bath water or shampoo. For extreme 
  smells it can be lightly sprayed directly on 
  the animal. It is safe for any pet. 
Eliminates cat and dog pee odours in carpets and drapes.
• Wash litter boxes, carpets, floors 
• Add to pet laundry 

• Spray furniture, car seats, or any other area 
  where pet odours linger.

For more information, please visit this product's webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 19 February, 2017.
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