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Ozone Generator.MGH. NT-BP 2/6-g/hour. [MGH. NT-BP 2/6-g/hour.]  $1,450.00 


Ozone Generator MGH. NT-BP 2/6-g/hour.



1. Unique to this model generator is an inbuilt air feed pump, when this feature is turned on it inhales extra oxygen either naturally from the air or from another oxygen source which can double ozone output. (The more oxygen inhaled into machine the more ozone will be created for shock treatment of areas. This feature is not required for normal sterilisation.  

2. Ozone output adjustable: 20%-100%. Max 6g/H

3. Two options of timer: 5-30 minutes or continuously.


1. Sterilization: destroys a variety of bacteria and viruses without secondary pollution and reverting back to only oxygen.


2. Detoxification: effectively removes residual pesticides from vegetables and fruits.


3. Deodorization: eliminate mould, smoke, bad odours, etc.


4. Oxygen increasing: improve the oxygen level for air and water.


5. Health: control indoor air pollution, drinking water pollution, creates a healthier living environment.



1. Remove a myriad of odours from pets, animals, cooking, refrigerators, wardrobes, mould, mildew, etc.

2. Eliminates odour and keeps air fresher and cleaner for hotel, motel rooms, motor vehicles, camper vans, buses, aircraft, boats etc.

3. Keep insects & vermin out, pest eradication rats, dust mites, cockroaches, retard and kill mould growth and spores where ever it grows in homes, basement, attics, boats, buses, cars, motor homes, etc.

4. Kill moulds, viruses, bacteria effectively; creates a healthier environment in air or water.

5. Ozone treated water for fruits & vegetable sterilization and keeps them fresh for longer periods

6. Water purification and disinfect baths, spa pools, swimming pools, aquariums, tap water, well water, etc.

7. Sterilize and disinfects, clothes, rental clothing in gyms, ski fields, out door pursuit enterprises, pillows, towels, boots and shoes etc.


1. For air purifying and shock treating areas: connect power, turn on the timer & ozone adjuster, works immediately.

2. Water disinfection: use air stone, or venturi to mix ozone to the water.

The MGH. NT-BP 2/6-g/hour.machine is robust and simple to operate and maintain. Built with premium quality components, this machine will give years of economical performance. Well engineered and extremely reliable. In the unlikely event of something failing you can replace the part and not the whole machine. We offer 6 month warranty on our machines.  Does not cover damage to machine.

Do not drop the machines, as you will risk damage to the production unit.

Ozone will not kill the pests only make them leave the area.

Suited for commercial applicators for pest eradication rats, dust mites, cockroaches. Fire damage restoration of buildings, odour control stables, kennels clothing hire companies, large gyms, buses, car and boats, real estate restoration, also deodorise and sterilise change rooms and the training areas.

For more information, please visit this product's webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 14 July, 2012.
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