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Water Distillers for Hire. $70.00 weekly.  $70.00 


West Bend Water Distillers For Hire.

West Bend water distillers provide the ultimate protection from the countless toxins that may be present in your drinking water.

 If you are looking to protect your family from whatever toxins may be in your water, West Bend is domestically your absolute best option. These Machines are made in America (Not cheap Chinese imports) and produce 99.9% pure water.

At a glance at your local grocery shelves shows rows upon rows of bottled water--usually the first stop for individuals seeking an alternative to uncertain tap water. Unfortunately, even much of this "bottled water" comes from local tap water sources and one is not much better off than with tap water.

We recommend a system, which produces pure drinking water the same way nature, provide it!  Distillation.

Just as with the hydrological (rain and snow) cycle, in a home water distiller your tap water is evaporated into steam and then cooled, resulting in water as pure and clean as a snowflake or a raindrop leaving the cloud!

Now do your maths.

Our minimum hire period is 7 days and in this time you will produce 140 litres of pure water. The distilling cycle is 4 litres in 4 hours. To keep the machine paying for itself set it going before going to bed and then keep it going all day

We charge $70.00 a week delivered to your home for the hire of distiller which equates to 140 litres @ .50 cents a litre plus your electricity at .15 cents per litre total .65 cents a litre of pure unadulterated water. Even if you don't produce the quantity of distilled water the machines are capable of you can rest assured you are drinking quality water.

We also sell 20 litre food grade containers for water storage.

For more information, please visit this product's webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 01 December, 2011.
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