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20 Litres Bobolly's Double Steam Distilled Water. [DW20]  $75.00 

Double Steam Distilled water. Is water that has been boiled, evaporated, and condensed back into water again twice.

This process leaves behind all the chemicals (eg. chlorine, eostrogen, fluoride), bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and all manner of other possible contaminants that the water may have contained.
This process mimic the Earth's own cleaning system, the water cycle.

Does drinking distilled water leech minerals from my body?
Many people are concerned by a popular myth that says drinking distilled water will strip your body of its minerals. However this myth is simply that, a fantasy invented by vested interests that want people to believe chemicals are needed in our water supply.
Distilled water does not leech minerals from your body's cells. It can only pick up minerals that your cells have excreted, working with your blood and lymph to carry these waste products to organs like the kidneys where they body can expell them. Far from being bad for your body this cleaning mechanism is essential for optimum health.
We actually take the vast majority of the minerals our body needs from our food, not from drinking water.
Other uses include.
1. It can be used for a pure drinking water.
2. It is used in steam irons and presses to prevent the build up of scale.
3. Distilled water is used in humidifiers.
4. Car batteries use distilled water.
5. Distilled water is used for many health and detoxification purposes.

If purchasing from outside of the Nelson area please contact us for shipping costs.

Available Options:
Shipping Cost: Rural Delivery both islands ( + $25.00 )
Stewart & Waiheke Island. ( + $30.00 )
Urban Addresses NZ Mainland. ( + $20.00 )
For more information, please visit this product's webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 12 November, 2011.
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