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Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. (9)

My Good Health's Hire Centre (7)

Ozone Generators and related products. (9)

Bobollys Products Inc.Garlic Flavoured Peanuts. (8)

Himalayan Crystal Salts & Coconut Oil. (9)

Kitchen and Household Gadgets (6)

Pharmacy & Cleansing Products (6)

Bay Rum Hair tonic (1)

Distilled Water. (3)

Eco-friendly Minerals & Chemicals inc.Sodium Perca (10)

Pets and Animals (9)

Eye droppers, Pipettes, Plus Handy Bits & Pieces. (10)

Vinegars Galore & Infused Oils. (6)

Blank nasal spray bottles with spray pump and cap/ (2)

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Product Name Model Price  
1 Litre Food Grade H202 35%Food Grade H202 35% $30.00 
1.litre Bobollys 3% Food Grade Hydrogen PeroxideFG H202 3% $17.50 
1.Salt grinder with smoked Himalayan salt.1.Salt grinder with smoke $15.00 
1KG.Borax. (Sodium Borate)Borax $8.50 
2 litres Bobollys 3% Food Grade Hydrogen PeroxideFG H202 3% $30.00 
2. KG Sodium Percarbonate. chlorine free, non toxicSP $24.00 
2. Salt and Pepper grinders.2. Salt and Pepper grinde $30.00 
20 Litres Bobolly's Double Steam Distilled Water.DW20 $95.00 
3.KG.Borax. (Sodium Borate)Borax.3 $24.00 
35% FG Hydrogen Peroxide. 25. Litres Free shipping Main land NZ25. Litre 35% FG Hydrogen $350.00 
3KG Sodium Percarbonate.(Oxygen Cleaner)chlorine free Non ToxicSCB. 3 $32.50 
4. Litres Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.35%4.H202 $100.00 
50ML Amber Glass Eye Dropper.GED $4.75 
6. (six) Transfer Pipette Droppers. Graduated. 5mlPipette Droppers. Graduat $14.00 
Apple Slicer and Corer, Fruit and Vegetable Chopper CutterASC $12.00 
Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate 1KG.Baking soda $4.95 
Bay Rum Hair Care and Cologne. 250 MilBay Rum Hair tonic. 250mi $18.50 
Beer & Wine display fridg.Beer & Wine display fridg $75.00 
Blank nasal spray bottles with spray pump and capBNSB $13.50 
Blank nasal spray bottles with spray pump and cap/ 30ml capacity $13.50 
Bobolly's Double Steam Distilled Water. 4 Litres.DW $18.50 
Bobollys Garlic Flavoured PeanutsGPN $60.00 
Bobollys Garlic Flavoured Peanuts. (4) 250 gram Bags $15.00 
Citric Acid. 1KGcitric $8.00 
Coconut Oil 2.2.KG. Also Great for Cooking.CO202 $38.00 
Coconut Oil. 1KGCoconut Oil. 1KG $22.00 
Corn -Callous Cutter and Remover.Corn -Callous Cutter and $12.50 
Distilled White Vinegar. 1. Litre.5% AcidityDWV1 $10.50 
Distilled White Vinegar. 4. Litres. 5% AcidityWV4L $22.00 
Ear and nose hair trimmerHair trimmer $15.00 
ElimO® Odour-neutralizing productEONP $33.00 
Epson Salts. 1KG.EPS.1KG $4.95 
Epson Salts. 4.KGEpson Salts. 4KG $18.00 
Eyedroppers. 30 mil. Sold in lots of 3. BlanksEyedroppers. 30mil $9.50 
Folding zipped pet feed / water containerFC $15.00 
Freshfrige. Refrigerator Air Purifier.Freshfrige. Refrigerator $45.00 
Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole (So-lay)HCS Sole $25.00 
Himalayan Crystal Salts. 1 KG. For GrindersHCS1 $9.95 
Himalayan Crystal Salts. 1 Kilo. Fine Grade. For salt shakers.Himalayan Crystal Salts. $9.95 
Hire or Purchase. Ozone Generator MGH. NT-BP 2/6-g/hour.MGH. NT-BP 2/6-g/hour. $0.00 
Hydrogen Peroxide Aseptic 3%. 200 mil.Spray Bottle200 mil spray $12.50 
Hydrogen Peroxide Aseptic 3%.Two 200 mil.Spray BottlesTwo 200 mil spray $20.00 
Kiwi Fruit Vinegar with mother intact.4 LitreKFV $30.00 
Manicure Pedicure. 10 piece set. Stainless SteelMPset $24.00 
Multifunction 360 Degree Rotary Potato Peeler, Vegetable Slicer.Plastic and stainless ste $15.00 
My Good Health's Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. 4 Litres.Raw ACV 4.Litre $29.50 
Natural Ozone Curative Gel. 50g. pots.OCG $35.00 
New Stainless Steel Wide Commercial Crinkle Cutter.Ccutter $15.00 
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. 4 Litre.4 Litres $30.00 
Ozone fresh air & drinking water purifying system. HV-103THV-103T $475.00 
Ozone Generator. MGH Odour Eater 3g/6gMGH. Odour Eater 3g/6g $995.00 
Ozone Generator. MGH Odour Eater 3g/6g. $200.00 weeklyOzone Generator. MGH Odou $200.00 
Ozone Generator. MGH Odour Eater 3gh./6gh. Daily Hire $125.00MGH Odour eater $125.00 
Ozone Generator.MGH. NT-BP 2/6-g/hour.MGH. NT-BP 2/6-g/hour. $1,450.00 
Premium liquid Chlorophyll. 500.mil500mil. Premium liquid Ch $29.95 
Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.1 LitreACV $12.50 
Salt and or pepper grinder. with ceramic grinder mechanism.1 salt grinder. empty $12.00 
Spit Roast HireMGH spit roasr hire $150.00 
Stainless Steel Onion,Tomato,vegie HolderSSOC $12.50 
Sulphamic or Sulfamic Acidsulfamic $12.50 
test $1.00 
Titan Generator 5.5kw 13 hp $75.00 
Tongue Cleaner Scraper.Tongue CS $10.50 
USB Computer Oxygen Bar. JO-722Computer Oxygen Bar. $15.00 
Water Distillers for Hire. $70.00 weekly. $70.00 

Best Sellers
01.1 Litre Food Grade H202 35%
02.2 litres Bobollys 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
03.4. Litres Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.35%
04.Hydrogen Peroxide Aseptic 3%. 200 mil.Spray Bottle
05.Natural Ozone Curative Gel. 50g. pots.
06.Bobolly's Double Steam Distilled Water. 4 Litres.
07.Blank nasal spray bottles with spray pump and cap/ 30ml capacity
08.My Good Health's Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. 4 Litres.
09.Hydrogen Peroxide Aseptic 3%.Two 200 mil.Spray Bottles
10.1.litre Bobollys 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
2. Salt and Pepper grinders.
2. Salt and Pepper grinders.

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